"Bunny girl high heels... Was Jack planning to change the uniform at the bar? Perv... "
Cindy Lennox, upon examining this item.

The High Heels (バニーハイヒール Banīhaihīru?, Bunny High Heels) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The High Heels is found on the Room 301, on the floor in front of the bedside table. It is found on the Hellfire scenario exclusively on path D. However, the item can only be obtained on HARD, as on VERY HARD, the room has a backdraft that makes it inaccessible.


This item is exclusive to Cindy, and is one of seven items required to unlock her second alternative costume, Funny Bunny. The other components are; Bunny CuffsBunny Bow TieFishnet TightsSexy LipstickBunny Ears and Bunny Costume.


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