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Hipólito Salazar, 2nd Count of Valdelobos was a Spanish nobleman and Count of Valdelobos. He inherited his titles from his father, Gregorio Salazar, 1st Count of Valdelobos, and earned the moniker "The Demon Sealer".[note 1] During his life, Los Iluminados was banished to an island off the coast, though the threat of Plaga-infected animals remained in the region. Following his father's death, Salazar Castle was attacked from the caverns beneath, and while Hipólito was able to seal the creatures within he was injured in the process and died of an infection. He was succeeded by his son, Gregorio Salazar, 3rd Count of Valdelobos.[1]

Family tree[]

Gregorio, The Conquerer
Hipólito, The Demon Sealer
Gregorio, The Architect
José Alonso, The Tranquil
Alejandro, The Lavish
María Isabel, The Lady
Diego, The Severe


  1. The Japanese script gives him the longer name of "Demon Sealer" (封魔伯).