For the 1998 version, see Side Pack.

"A small belted pouch, good for carrying more items."
— Description upon pick-up - English
— Description upon pick-up - Japanese

The Hip Pouches (サイドパック saidopakku?) are an upgrade item in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


It gives the player two extra inventory slots when picked up.

When all pouches are collected in a run, the player will earn the A Waist of Space award / record which unlocks William Birkin in the model viewer.


Location Mode Difficulty
Main hall 1F of the RPD, next to the computer [2nd] Assisted & Standard
West Office of the RPD, inside a safe.

Input 9 to the left, 15 to the right, 7 to the left

[1st] & [2nd] All
Safety Deposit Room of the RPD.

Input "203" (requires two Spare Keys)

[1st] & [2nd] All

West Storage Room of the RPD,

next to the Some Guy's Scribblings file

[1st] Assisted & Standard
Operators Room of the Underground Facility

below the RPD, inside the blue locker

[1st] & [2nd] Assisted & Standard
Workroom of the Sewers, on the table [1st] & [2nd] Assisted & Standard

Nap Room of the Nest.

Requires the Signal Modulator

[1st] & [2nd] All

Further notes

  • A replica of the Hip Pouch was sold at the Japanese e-Capcom store as part of the VOLK × BIOHAZARD RE:2 collaboration.
  • The Japanese name of the Hip Pouch (サイドパック) translates to "Side pack".
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