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His final scoop is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Leon returns to Ben's cell. He reveals that the chief of police is in league with Umbrella, and is then after killed when a G erupts from his chest. Ada arrives to tell Leon she's leaving to the chemical plant to find John.


Leon S. Kennedy: "Ben! Can you still hear me? Come on; answer!"

Ben Bertolucci: "Damn! I don't believe this. I almost got the story..."

Leon: "Ben..."

Ben: "Ahaha... bitter irony. The chief of police... co-conspirator... Get that scum... make him pay..."

Leon: "Hang in there, Ben!"

Ben: "My chest... it's burning..."

Leon: "What's... wrong?!"

Ben: "Arrrgh!"

Ada Wong: "Good god! What was that?"

Leon: "Where're you going, Ada?"

Ada: "To the chemical plant: I have a feeling that's where I'll find John."

Leon: "Ada, wait! Hey!"
"Do you read me, Claire? We now have access to the back of the parking lot."

Claire Redfield: "Got it!"

Leon: "I'm getting out of here and heading to the sewer. Can you meet me there?"

Claire: "I'm on my way."

Leon S. Kennedy:「ベン! どうした 何があった?」

Ben Bertolucci:「クソッ こんな所で! まだ死ぬ訳には・・・」


Ben:「たまげるぜ ここに署長の正体が書いてある 後の事は・・・頼んだぜ」


Ben:「胸が・・・ 苦しい!」


Ada Wong:「今のは何?」


Ada:「薬品工場へ きっとジョンもそこに・・・」

Leon:「エイダ 待て!」
「聞こえる クレア? 今 駐車場の奥へ入れるようになってる」

Claire Redfield:「分かったわ」


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