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His final scoop (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. This scene only plays in the Leon B scenario.


Leon returns to Ben's cell, finding him with a fatal laceration. He reveals that the chief of police is in league with Umbrella before dying. Ada arrives to tell Leon she's leaving to the chemical plant to find John.


Leon S. Kennedy: "Ben! Can you still hear me? Come on; answer!"

Ben Bertolucci: "Damn! I don't believe this. I almost got the story..."

Leon: "Ben..."

Ben: "Ahaha... bitter irony. The chief of police... co-conspirator... Get that scum... make him pay..."

Leon: "Hang in there, Ben!"

Ada Wong: "Leon."

Leon: "Where're you going, Ada?"

Ada: "To the chemical plant: I have a feeling that's where I'll find John."

Leon: "Ada, wait! Hey!"

Claire Redfield: "Leon, are you still there? We're leaving."

Leon: "Are you crazy? The streets are still crawling with zombies."

Claire: "It'll be all right. Trust me. We found a way to the sewer. Follow us later!"

Leon: "Claire. Claire! Wait. Wait! Man, why doesn't anyone ever listen to me!"

Leon S. Kennedy:「ベン! どうした 何があった?」

Ben Bertolucci:「クソッ こんな所で! まだ死ぬ訳には・・・」


Ben:「たまげるぜ ここに署長の正体が書いてある 後の事は・・・頼んだぜ」



Ada:「薬品工場へ きっとジョンもそこに・・・」

Leon:「エイダ 待て!」

Claire Redfield:「レオン聞こえる? 私たち署を出るわ」

Leon:「本気か? 外はゾンビだらけだぞ!」

Claire:「大丈夫 下水道へ続く道よ あなたも来て」

Leon:「待て クレア! 待つんだ! 全く 女って奴は!」

Further notes

  • This scene only plays in the Leon B scenario. However, a similar scene plays out in the Leon A scenario.


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