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For the 2019 remake version, see Jail (RE2 remake).

The Holding Cell is an area of Raccoon Police Station featured in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. The cells where used by the RPD to imprison the arrested. Ben Bertolucci and 2 other residents were jailed inside the cells during the outbreak.


This area is composed of rows of cells lined across the hallway. There are three cells available, each with its own seat. A shelf can be located at the far end corridor of the area.

In The Darkside Chronicles, there are only 2 cells and no shelf to be seen.


Resident Evil 2[]

Leon meet Ben here, who apparently locked himself inside one of the cell before Ada appear again. Ben would later suggest that the two would get out of the city using the Sewer. The first cell contains a blue and green herbs, where as the second cell is locked. A manhole opener can be found inside a shelf which can be used to open a manhole located inside the Kennel room.

Later on, Ben was attacked by William Birkin. Leon, who heard him found him outside of his cell. Ben then proceeded to supply Leon with incriminating evidence he had found against Chief Irons indicating he was a co-conspirator in the Raccoon City disaster. Depending on the scenario, exactly what happened afterwards will vary. In the Leon A scenario, Ben, who had been attacked and is impregnated with a G-embryo by Birkin earlier, will end up ripped open by the embryo rejecting him shortly after supplying the evidence to Leon and telling him to make Irons pay, with Ada asking what that creature was. In the Leon B scenario, he was instead massively wounded and dies in his own blood, with him expiring on his last breath shortly after supplying Leon with the evidence and telling him to make Irons pay for his role in the disaster, and Ada apologizing to Leon for the loss. Regardless of the scenario, Ada would appear but would immediately ran one more time, where Leon radio in Claire to get out of the city using the sewer.

Darkside Chronicles[]

Firstly, this area is slightly different than its original counterpart. There are only 2 cells in the room and in Ben Bertolucci is already dead upon arrival. There is also text written by Ben on the wall. Ada is present as an ally in this area but only until the cutscene where the characters read Ben's text on the wall.

The Ben Bertolucci's Expose file is in this room, immediately when turning the corner when entering it, shoot the light at the ceiling furthest back. On the first cell there is a Herb and a stack of Gold, plus two dead zombies, after the cutscene in Ben's cell, the two zombies will vanish and will instead spawn from the B1F west hall area.

One of these zombies is scripted to always grab the player if he is not killed or stunned immediately, making it a good place to grind the "Take It Back" or "Partner You Can Count On" titles.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Checking Ben body A miserable death...
Checking Ben body (Claire, scenario B) The body has been torn apart. Something appears to have burst out from inside...