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Holiday Sugarman is a member of the BSAA European Branch in the Wildstorm Comic Book series.


Holiday is the oldest son of Commander Colin Sugarman of the British Navy. His Father wanted him to follow in his military footsteps, but encouraged Holiday's interest in art and literature.

After graduating with a major in both history and literature, he joined Humanities Abroad, teaching in small African nation. He met his wife there and the two conceived a daughter. His life there was idyllic until a local warlord took every male over 12 to work in the diamond mines.

Holiday led the slaves in a revolt and was later instrumental in the establishment of a democratic government. After giving up teaching, he became an "ethical soldier for hire," helping the UN in unstable regions.

After a close call he decided to relocate his family to a safe place, Raccoon City, where he planned to start a new career as head of security to a travailing metal band named Steel Heroes. He was on the road when during the Raccoon City Incident, in which he lost both his wife and daughter.

When the BSAA was formed under the UN, Holiday used his connections to get a posting as an S.O.A.

Further notes

In Issue #1 the North American Branch is on his arm but in the rest its the European Branch.

Skills: Certified helicopter pilot, S-Level in heavy and small Arms and mounted weapons.

Advanced explosive expert and S-Level Anti-insurgency tactics.

Fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Swahili, and Nuer.

Holiday is also a S.O.A and S.O.U. trainer, European Branch.


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