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Damnation - Holigrad skyline at daytime

Holigrad is an Eastern European city and the capital city of the Eastern Slav Republic. The city was the site of intense fighting during the 2010 civil war between government forces and Cossack-led insurgents.


During the Second World War, Holigrad became the heart of Soviet partisan activity. During the German occupation, they had constructed a series of tunnels for covert transport of troops and supplies.[1] The city was heavily damaged due to fighting with rebels during the East Slavic Civil War, in part from the government forces' use of tanks. The city was rebuilt soon after the war's conclusion.



The city is divided into twenty-six districts.[2]


  • B.O.W. Lab: This is under the Presidential Palace where the modified dominant species Plagas were produced, and at least two Tyrants are housed.
  • Church: The church is a place where the rebels hid from the government.



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