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"A gun-like device used to fire grappling hooks."
— Item examination

The Hookshot is a Key item in Resident Evil 0. It is used for lifting up to 80 kg. The Hook is shot out of the gun-like apparatus, which gets stuck higher up (i.e. a window). This allows an individual to climb up the rope.


The Hookshot is located on the Rear deck of the Ecliptic Express. Both Rebecca and Billy must be used to access it. One character must hold down a release level and the other must go and pick it up. Upon taking the Hookshot, the player will also receive its operator's manual. The hookshot takes up 2 spaces of inventory.

It will be needed to be used near the window in the Second Class passenger car B to reach the Third car roof and eventually the Bedroom in order to retrieve a Jewelry Box to get the Card Key.

It will be needed to be used three more times:

1) To access the Chapel roof after solving the Observatory puzzle. 

2) To access the Auxiliary research room from the Reference Room shortly after the Chapel. 

3) To access the Machine room from the Platform with the Cable car. 

After turning on the Cable Car, the hookshot may be permanently discarded. However, there is no prompt to notify the player it is no longer of use . 

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