Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Hope

Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - Hope


Hope is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is played during the Barry's segment of "Metamorphosis", the fourth level of the game, if the player has achieved the Good Ending; otherwise, Despair is played instead.


The cutscene show Barry Burton and Natalia Korda being save by Moira Burton in the underground lab. As Alex Wesker mutate even more, the three would ran outside and reaches a cliff where suddenly Claire appear with a helicopter. Claire uses the sniper rifle to shoot Alex Wesker weak spot causing her to temporary stunned. As Moira and Natalia aboard the helicopter, Barry intend to stay and finish Alex Wesker.


Barry : "Moira..."
Moira : "You did all this for me?"
Barry : "Yeah. Sorry it took half a year. Fucking technology."
Moira : "Fuck it right up the ass."
Moira : "Here! Run to the ladder!"
Barry and Moira : "Oh, come one!"
Claire : "Oversee this, bitch."
Moira : "Fuck yeah!"
Claire : "Moira, I'm so sorry. You were in trouble, and I--"
Moira : "And you came back with a chopper and a sniper rifle, and that's fucking awesome so shut up."
Barry : "Let me take care of this."
Moira : "Are you sure you don't need me, Barry?"
"I mean... Dad."
Barry : "I'll always need you. But for now... I have this."
Claire : "I'll cover you from the chopper!"

Barry : モイラ…!?
Moira : 来てくれたんだね…
Barry : ああ半年も待たせちまった…
Moira : ホント…サイアクだね
Moira : こっちよ!
Barry and Moira : サイアクだ…
Claire : 待させたわね
Moira : サイコウだね!
Claire : モイラ…ごめん…
Moira : 迎え来てくれたじゃないそれでチャラだよ
Barry : ケリをつける!
Moira : 一人で大丈夫なの!? パパ!
Barry : 俺には これがある
Claire : ヘリがら援護するわ!

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