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Hope against hope is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A and Leon B scenarios.


Claire Redfield: "Leon!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Claire! You made it!"

Claire: "Yeah. Have you seen a little girl around here?"

Leon: "Yeah, you just missed her. Who is she?"

Claire: "I don't know. But it's too dangerous for her to stay here alone. Leon, I'll go look for her. You go and find us a way out of here."

Leon: "Of course. But before I forget, here's a radio. That way we can keep in touch if something comes up."

Claire Redfield:*ad-lib*

Leon S. Kennedy:「クレア 無事か」

Claire:「ええ・・・それより 小さな女の子を見なかった?」

Leon:「ああ 今逃げられた所さ 知り合いか?」

Claire:「いいえ でも放っておけないわ 私 彼女を探してみる あなたは脱出ルートを」

Leon:「そうだな それならこの通信機を使え おたがい 連絡できる」


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