"A hospital built in the lush forest that spreads throughout the Arklay Mountains. Five years ago, a mysterious incident caused the facility to be abandoned and it has been empty ever since. No one in Raccoon City seems terribly interested in this place or in its incredible story."
— Description from the Collection menu.

The hospital back gate (病院裏門 Byōin uramon?) is an entry to the Abandoned hospital in the Arklay Mountains. The Suspension bridge leads to the back gate, and the characters have to proceed through the back gate after the bridge breaks so they can find another path.

During an Alyssa-exclusive cutscene, two policemen are seen. One of them asks if there is any survivors, and the other shakes his head in dismay.

In this area the character can find an old newspaper stating the acclaimed sightings of a ghost wondering around the hospital.


Location Localization Original script
"The remains of a security guards' shack."
"A giant fence. It's covered in vines."
"What creepy trees..."
"There are vines all over the place around here." いたる所に植物のツタが





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