Hospitality is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. It is played during "Chapter 1-1", the first level of the game.


After escaping from the first encounter of the Majini, Chris and Sheva stumble upon the Public Assembly where they witness the execution of Reynard Fisher after the Instigator Majini made unknown remarks to the bulging crowd of Majini in the area, where Fisher denies what they know.

The Instigator then signals the Executioner to execute Fisher to which it does. The Instigator notices Chris and Sheva through a window in the building they are hiding in nearby and sends the crowd of Majini to attack them.


Instigator Majini: "(Speaking African)"

Reynard Fisher: "You don't know what you're talking about! You can all go to hell!"

Sheva Alomar: "Wait a minute, that's the...!"

Instigator Majini: "(Speaking African)"

Instigator Majini: "(Speaking African)"

Reynard Fisher: "何言ってやがるんだ!"

Sheva Alomar: "彼は……さっきの!"
Instigator Majini: "(Speaking African)"



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