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The Hound Wolf Squad (ハウンドウルフ (たい) haundo urufu-tai?) (HWS) is an elite BSAA task force. Originally operating as their own separate unit in the BSAA, in 2018 founding BSAA member and SOU Captain Chris Redfield, who grew distrustful of the organization after they choose to cover up the Baker House Incident in order to save face for their failure to eliminate Eveline in Munich before she could board the Annabelle, commandeered the unit without the BSAA HQ approval and spent the next three years hunting down Miranda, effectively making the unit rogue.[1][2]

In February 2021, they undertook a mission to kill Mother Miranda and her cult as well as evacuate Ethan, Mia and Rosemary Winters.

Team Members

From left to right: Umber Eyes, Canine, Night Howl, Lobo, Tundra

Weapons and Equipment

All of the squad's members, save for Chris, wear various types of shirts, pants and shoes, together with black coats, tan or camouflaged tactical vests, holsters, kneepads and tan Ops Core FAST XP High Cut helmets or (in Tundra's case) a black Ops Core Skull Mounting System. Each member has a set of L3 GPNVG-18 quad-tube panoramic night-vision goggles mounted onto their headwear, together with Ops Core AMP communications headsets and video cameras.

For transportation, the squad primarily used blacked-out Toyota Hilux pickup trucks with offroad modifications. Additionally, they utilised a black Dodge Tradesman van to transport Ethan and Rosemary away from their safehouse following their assassination attempt on Miranda (then disguised as Mia). In order to escape the village before it was destroyed by the detonation of the N2 Explosive, the squad made use of a V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.