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House Beneviento‏‎ is a mansion built overlooking a waterfall in a mountainous region of Eastern Europe. It was the chief residence of the Beneviento family, who had ancient ties to the region, and was separated from a nearby village by a suspension bridge.[1]


Though the Beneviento family had ties to the region for centuries if not more, the mansion dates only as far as at latest the 19th century, and likely replaced an earlier property. At the end of the century the house was visited by Norshteyn, who constructed a model replica on behalf of the family titled the "Mansion on the Hill". Over the course of the 20th century the Beneviento family became ever smaller, used by Miranda for her experiments. By the end of the 1990s, only Donna Beneviento was left in the region itself, who took hold of her family's doll-making business. Following her own experience with Miranda, she returned to the house with mutations that allowed her to excrete hallucinatory chemicals from her body. Following her death in February 2021, the house lay unoccupied and it is uncertain if any surviving cousins inherited it.


The mansion is separated into two overall sections, with a two-story construction on the surface and a basement area much further down the cliff-edge linked by an elevator.



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