How to extract Beta Hetero Nonserotonin is a file in Resident Evil Survivor.


The file can be found inside the Super Tyrant Laboratory of the Tyrant Plant in Sheena Island.


To establish a system of mass-producing Tyrants, it is absolutely necessary that during the process of gene cultivation, a large amount of pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin must be injected.

This material is one of the human brain's elements. It has been revealed that the material is mainly produced by the pituitary of people at the latter period of developing their secondary sex characteristics.

Also, medical data shows that this cerebral material is produced in response to the excessive secretion of noradrenalin that is produced from the locus ceruleus in the brain stem. Noradrenalin is the cerebral material secreted when people are in a state of extreme tension or fear. As the Beta Hetero Nonserotonin only exists in active cells, you can't extract it from a dead brain.

Thus, the best way to extract the material is to cut open the subject's skull without using anesthesia. This will cause the excessive secretion of noradrenalin. The pituitary is then ripe for immediate extraction.

Vincent Goldman, Commander
Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island

原材料 βヘテロ・ノンセロトニンの抽出方法について

タイラントの大量生産体制を確立するためには、 遺伝子培養の際に大量の純度の高いβヘテロ・ノンセロトニンを注入することが不可欠である。



βヘテロ・ノンセロトニンは活性化細胞の中でしか存在しない物質の為、 脳死状態の人体からは抽出できない。よって原材料となる若者達を麻酔もかけずに生きたまま頭蓋骨を開き殺される恐怖と激痛によるノルアドレナリンの過剰分泌を促した上で、脳下垂体を切除することが最良の抽出方法である。



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