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Hunk's Epilogue is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


"Once again, only you survived Mr. Death," the chopper pilot speaks with a cold bitterness "Always, only you survive, Mr. Death," the pilot continues. But Hunk does not respond to the pilot. He doesn't care. "The Death cannot die..." the survivor thinks to himself with a warm smile.

どんな地獄のような戦場でも」ハンクはパイロットには応じず、 回収したカプセルを掌に取り出してもてあそんだ。


Hunk's Epilogue is one of many instances where HUNK's nickname, Grim Reaper or Death (derived from the Japanese word shinigami (死神?), meaning "god of death"), is mistranslated. In this case, he is first referred to as "Mr. Death", and then says "the death cannot die" instead of "Death/The Grim Reaper cannot die".