Further notes
  • In the 2002 Resident Evil remake, a red version of the Hunter α can appear. The best place to see this variant is in the tea room after obtaining the Helmet Key. If you enter this hallway from either the Piano bar or the Kitchen, the red hunter will bust out of the door leading to the tiger statue hallway. If you enter the tea room from the dining hall the red hunter will not burst out of the door. This variant usually appears when more than one Hunter is in a room, possibly so the player can tell which one they've damaged.
  • In the Saturn version of Resident Evil, a brown Hunter variant with sickle-shaped hands and antennae called a "Tick" will appear in certain locations and replace the normal Alpha models.
  • In the remake, it is possible to decapitate a Hunter, but only with a Flash Grenade as Chris and only if Chris has been pinned to the ground. Chris will shove the Flash Grenade into the Hunter's mouth and push it off of him. At which point, he can either shoot the grenade to make it explode prematurely, or wait for it to explode on its own. The explosion will damage Chris if he's too close, so caution is still needed. After the explosion, the Hunter's body will no longer have a head.
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