George A. Romero
(Rejected movie script)
For the game counterpart this creature was based upon, see Hunter α.
" It is ape-like... and lizard-

like. With ferocious eyes that glare from beneath an insect- like carapace. This thing is an amalgam of all the nasty creatures that have pursued us in our nightmares. It's

called... A HUNTER."
— Creature description on page-66 of Romero's script

The Hunter was a B.O.W. developed by Umbrella for military applications.


As described by Ada Wong, the Hunter B.O.W. was the product of splicing human DNA with the DNA of various carnivorous animals and insects. The resulting creatures were then armor plated before a synthetic layer of cultivated skin was placed over top. The Hunters were then injected with a lethal dose of poison so the T-Virus in their bodies would reanimate them, making them more efficient as bio-weapons that couldn't die.

Physically, these creatures appeared very similar to both the Hunter and Tick B.O.W.s that appeared in the original game. These Hunters also had hair on their bodies to an unspecified degree and their claws were metallic in design. They would also tend to use their large claws to crawl about on ceilings to surprise unsuspecting prey, not unlike the Chimeras that also appeared in-game.


At least six Hunters were developed in the Arkley Mansion, all of which were encountered by Chris Redfield and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. alpha team deep within the underground laboratory. As alpha team opened fire on the creatures, they quickly found their weapons to be near ineffective, as the armor plating beneath their skin repelled the gunfire. With haste, the team began shooting at the joints in their legs and arms, attempting to cripple the monsters instead of killing them.

As a Hunter struck down from the ceiling and killed Speyer, an Umbrella scientist activated a floor trap inside the room. This trap caused the floor beneath the Hunters to shift into a grinder, tearing through most of the Hunters as they fed on Speyer's remains. The S.T.A.R.S. team fled to an unlocked security door moments before the only surviving Hunter could reach them. The scientist them revealed herself to be Ada Wong, one of Umbrella's scientists tasked with developing bio-weapons. She explained to the group the potential of the T-Virus as a bio-weapon, with the Hunter being one of their intended B.O.W.s. As the group questioned her on these bio-weapons, Wesker interjected, keen on reaching the Tyrant and stealing the research data.

The surviving Hunter was later encountered by the group as they fled the laboratory via an elevator lift. It halted their progress by grabbing the elevator's chain-drive, forcing it to stop. Left with no other choice, the survivors climbed to the next floor while the Hunter continuously jerked on the chain, attempting to make them slip and plummet towards it. Just as Rosie was in its reach, the Hunter was impaled by the Tyrant, which examined its kill for a second before dropping the limp monster down the elevator shaft.

The remains of the Hunters and their research data were obliterated when the Mansion self-destructed.

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