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The Hunter II (ハンター改/II hantā-kai/tsū?), also known simply as the "Improved Hunter" was an enhanced model of the Hunter B.O.W. line developed by the rival company of Umbrella in 1998.[1][2]


A derivation from Umbrella's Hunter B.O.W. program, the Hunter II's origins were the result of Albert Wesker providing a rival organization with Umbrella's classified development data and embryos of the prototype Hunter α.

The first known usage of the Hunter II was by the rival company's special forces unit H.C.F. (H.C.F.) during their attack on Rockfort Island. This model was far more intelligent than Umbrella's model, as it could track down its target through an automated surveillance device called a Seeker (also sometimes called a Spotter), which directed the Hunter to the target with a special frequency. [notes 1] The frequency is presumably received by the special device on the left side of the hunter's head that also comes with an eyepiece.

These creatures are first encountered by Chris Redfield on Rockfort Island shortly after the appearance of Albert Wesker.




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