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Further notes

Hunter R (development code: MA-125) is similar to its parent α model in terms of appearances; some of its distinguishing characteristics include smaller claws and spikes on its back.


Intended as the next step in Hunter development, the "R" replaced the "α" as the development model. The reason for this was to increase "usability", as the practical applications for the "α" were considered to be somewhat limited.[1] This particular variant was being developed in the NEST facility under William Birkin and another Umbrella USA facility located above-ground. The Hunters in the above-ground facility had been delivered there as part of an experiment with the Tyrant R, testing its strength against several of the beasts.

After Dr. Birkin became infected with the Golgotha Virus and went on a wild rampage, numerous "R"s were released, killing a number of Umbrella researchers before the temperature controls were lowered. The Hunters, unable to continue killing in freezing temperatures, froze in their tracks.[2]

However, on September 27th a group of refugees consisting of Yoko Suzuki, George Hamilton and Alyssa Ashcroft, who were trying to escape Raccoon City were forced to bring the facility's indoor temperature back up to be able to the use the turntable elevator to escape NEST. The Hunters were then completely exterminated by the survivors, or somehow escaped as by the time Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, and Sherry Birkin enter NEST in the early hours of September 30th none are present.

Several of these Hunters are also found dead in the machine storage room on the third floor of Raccoon University. Two hung from hooks on the ceiling while another was laid out on a table.


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