The Hunting Gun is the first shotgun weapon found in Resident Evil 0, besides the Shotgun.

A hinge-action, Over and Under shotgun designed for, as its name suggests, hunting. The hunting gun is found just before the scorpion boss on the train. It has a higher firepower than the pump-action shotgun, but can only hold two shells at a time and seven shells can be collected from the same area in which the player finds the gun, and it has a tight spread, useful when killing a single target. The weapon can be obtained with Infinite shells after taking 60-89 Leech Charms in the Leech Hunter minigame.

Examine: Hunting Gun

"A shotgun used for Hunting. There's a design carved on the barrel. This model can only be loaded with 2 shells at a time."


Footage from the Trial Edition of the game found on the Resident Evil 0 non-interactive demo reveals that the Hunting Gun (known then as the "Hunting Rifle") was found in the same location, along with two zombies.



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