"Used to hunt large game animals. Uses powerful specialty shells."
— Item description

The Hunting Rifle (ハンティング・ライフル Hantingu raifuru?, Hunting Rifle) is a very powerful weapon found exclusively in the Wild Things scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is owned by Austin Taylor, the Raccoon Zoo's watchman.


Cindy with the Hunting Rifle.

A scopeless bolt-action rifle, it has a capacity of two 458 Magnum rounds. These bullets cause a huge amount of damage, comparable with Magnums (specifically, 1800HP).

The Hunting Rifle is very effective against enemies at both short and long ranges, as its massive firepower stays fully consistent at all ranges. The downsides are its slow speed, both in terms of firing and reloading, and the extreme rarity of its ammunition.

It is an ideal weapon for taking down the Zombie Elephant, the Male Zombie Lion and the Zombie Alligator. It can also kill the zombie lionesses in one shot, though this usage is not recommended.

The Hunting Rifle can be found inside a locker in the observation deck on EASYNORMAL and HARD. On VERY HARD, it will be found instead in the back alley of the restaurant outside the zoo, leaning against a wall.

Ammo Locations

458 magnum rounds.

The Hunting Rifle will always be found unloaded, regardless of the difficulty selected. The player is required to find ammunition for the gun if it is going to be used.


  • Two bullets in the Blue Painting of the Inner office. (Combine all 7 medals with the Raccoon Ornament)
  • Two bullets in the Lion Stage. (Turn on spotlight after turning on the power in the zoo)
  • Two bullets in the Elephant stage. (After turning on power, activate the cage, then search the fallen dead body)


  • One bullet in the Terrarium dome. (Push all 3 animal panels after turning on power)
  • One bullet in the Show Animal's Boarding House. (After turning on power, activate the crane)
  • Two bullets in the Blue Painting of Inner Office (Combine all 9 medals with the Raccoon Ornament)



Further Notes

  • It is always hip-fired by the characters in Outbreak File #2 like a shotgun, despite it being a rifle.
  • The Hunting Rifle is of the few weapons that is only found in one scenario and not usable in any other, even in the minigames of File #2.

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