The Hydra shotgun is a weapon found in Resident Evil 6 and is exclusive to Helena Harper. She starts with the Hydra alongside her Picador as her default-load out. Unlike its Resident Evil 5 counterpart, it lacks the strong firepower.


Alternate Fire None
Shots Per Clip 3



Reload Speed C
Firing Speed S

Helena's unique shotgun is designed specifically for close-range combat, dealing massive damage up close while dealing paltry damage from a distance, making it useless. The weapon is also aimed from the hip, further worsening the accuracy from mid-range. The Hydra also features the fastest firing speed among all the shotguns in-game, being able to shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. This weapon also utilizes the longer 10-Gauge Shells instead of 12-Gauge Shells. Given that this weapon is exclusive to Helena in campaign, only she can pick the ammo for it. The downsides for this weapon are its low capacity compared to the other two shotguns and also the rarity of its ammunition.

The feature that makes this weapon unique is the quick-shot. While other shotguns uses the hip shot as a quick shot, the Hydra when equipped allows the player to perform a quick shot with 2 unique motion:

  • When there are multiple enemies around you, Helena performs a quick shot from the hip then slides down while shooting the second enemy and lastly slides towards the last enemy while shooting it, emptying the weapon but reloads all three of the shells at one time after the motion.
  • When an enemy is downed, she will perform a spin and shoots the downed enemy wielding her Hydra with one hand.

Helena in her default costume uses this weapon in the Mercenaries alongside her Picador and the Grenade Launcher.

Carla in Siege Mode uses this weapon alongside her Semi-auto Sniper Rifle



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