Friday, February 17, 2009
I woke up this morning to find that Allyson wasn't lying next to me. I
thought she might have ventured out to see if she could find some
food or something. I was angry that she would have been so stupid to
go outside. Then I noticed a note addressed to me sitting on my
keyboard. It was from her. She said she's gotten fed up with me just
sitting at my computer. She can't stand being cooped up in here not
doing anything, and she can no longer stand the fact that I'm not
trying to help us get out of here. That's not true though! I've been
looking up important information and trying to find someone to help
us. It's not like I'm sitting around all day reading celebrity gossip! I
want to tell her that so she'll understand.
I should've told her that.
It's too late for regrets. She's gone now, probably off to find a way out
of Kijuju. Now that I think about it, she kept asking me about the mine
and any underground passages it might have. I told her everything
she wanted to know, not questioning why she wanted me to tell her
about that stuff. Things had been tense lately, and we've been arguing
a lot, so I was happy just to have a night without any fighting. I had no
clue she was going to do something like this...
Why would she leave me? She was safe here. I was here. She was
better off here with me, but now she's out there on her own. I want to
go out and find her – bring her back. I'm torn. I want to go and find
her, but I can't bring myself to go outside. I know I'll be killed if I
do. I hate myself for giving in to my fears, but my fear is stronger than any
sadness. I pray that she makes it back to me OK. It's all I can do.
If there's anyone out there that can help her, please, do it! Tell her to
come back to me! I will protect her.

Friday, February 20, 2009
The army is here. I thought help was here at last, but all they did was
hastily erect a wall to keep us all trapped inside this hellhole. They
patrol the outside perimeter, automatic firearms in hand. They're not
going to let us out. They have no problem with letting people into
Kijuju, but anyone who even thinks about climbing over that wall...
well, may they rest in peace. They're not here to help us; they're here
to contain us. They hope they can just trap us inside and watch us
destroy ourselves.
I can't even look outside my window anymore, let alone bring up the
courage to venture outside. I still know what's going on. I know
because the blood-curdling screams of victims being murdered ring
in my ears every day. Then I hear the cheers of that wild mob, and I
know another one of us – a human – has been lost. I try to block out
those sounds, the kind where you know flesh is being ripped apart and
bones are being crushed. They chill me to the very core!
And the army doesn't do a damn thing. They just stand guard outside
their wall hoping we stop being a problem for them. I can't trust
the government anymore.
Please, if you're reading this, don't give me any more advice. Help
me! Tell anyone you know who works for a newspaper or something
to report on the madness here. You have to get the word out! If you
know someone who has a friend who works for some government
agency, tell them! Let them know that there are still good people in
Kijuju – people who need to be rescued! We need help now! Send the
army, the air force, or even N.A.S.A.! Please, if you've ever felt
anything for your fellow man, now is the time to act! Please!
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