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I'll catch up with you is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon A scenario.


Ada give Leon two items. She tells him that "she'll catch up with him later".


Ada Wong: "Leon, can you hear me?"

Leon: "Ada, did you find anything?"

Ada: "Right here. Think fast: here's one more!"
"Hey, I can't reach the ventilation hole. I'm going to have to find another way around. I'll catch up with you later."

Leon: "What? Ada, wait!"

Ada Wong:「レオン 聞こえる?」

Leon:「エイダ 何か見つかったか?」

Ada:「これを もう一つ投げるわよ!」
「ここからは戻れないわ 別の出口を探してみる」

Leon:「何だって? ・・・エイダ 待て!」


  • The "Think fast: here's one more!/もう一つ投げるわよ!" line is only uttered if the player picks up the shotgun shells with Ada.


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