I'm Not a Zombie (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.


When Claire turn on the light, a little girl freaks out and tries run away from her. She stopped her and tell her that she's not a zombie. Claire introduce herself to the little girl and the little girl introduce herself as Sherry. She ask her where her Parents are. Sherry tells her that they are in Umbrella Chemical Plant near the streets and everything she was in the Police Station. When she hears a monster roar, she began to ran and Claire tries to follow her.


Sherry Birkin: "Aah!"

Claire Redfield: "Wait!"

Sherry: "Let me go!"

Claire: "Easy! Easy there! I'm not a zombie! You're safe now."
"My name's Claire. What's yours?"

Sherry: "Sherry."

Claire: "Do you know where your parents are?"

Sherry: "They both work at the Umbrella Chemical Plant, near the city limits."

Claire: "The chemical plant? Then, what are you doing here?"

Sherry: "My mum called, and told me to go to the Police Station because it was... too dangerous to stay at home."

Claire: "From the look of things, I'd say she was probably right, but it's dangerous here as well. You'd better come with me."

Sherry: "But there's something out there. I don't know what it is, but I saw it. Much larger than any of those zombies, and it's coming after me!"


Claire: "What was that?"

Sherry: "That's what I was telling you about! It's here!"

Claire: "Sherry, wait!"

Claire Redfield:「待って!」

Sherry Birkin:「はなして!」

Claire:「落ち着いて 私はゾンビじゃないわ もう大丈夫よ」
「私はクレア あんたは?」




Claire:「工場・・・? なぜ一人でこんな所に?」

Sherry:「ママから 警察へ行けって電話があったの お家は危ないって」

Claire:「家にいるよりは安全だったかもね でも ここも危なくなってきたわ 私と行きましょう」

Sherry:「でも 外には行きたくない 何か分からないけど― 私 見たの ゾンビより大きい化け物が私を探してるの!」



Sherry:「あいつよ ここに来るわ!」



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