I'm on my way is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire B scenario.



Sherry Birkin: "Claire? Are you there?"

Claire Redfield: "Sherry! Are you okay? Did you find your dad?"

Sherry: "Yes, I'm okay. But I couldn't find him. But, I did find something else for you. Here! Here's another!"

Claire: "Thanks, sweetie. Now, why don't you come over here? I want you to stay with me."

Sherry: "Claire, I can't reach the ventilation hole anymore. But don't worry! I'll find another way! I can take care of myself!"

Claire: "Wait! Sherry, come back! Sherry... Sherry!"

Leon (OC): "Do you read me, Claire? We now have access to the back of the parking lot."

Claire: "Got it!"

Leon: "I'm getting out of here and heading to the sewer. Can you meet me there?"

Claire: "I'm on my way."

Sherry Birkin:「クレア そこにいる?」

Claire Redfield:「シェリー 大丈夫? ・・・パパ いたの?」

Sherry:「私は大丈夫 でもパパはいなかった そのかわり これを見つけたの もう一つよ」

Claire:「ありがとう さあ戻っておいで もう行くわよ」

Sherry:「クレア もう届かないわ 別の出口を探してみる 一人でも平気よ!」

Claire:「待ってシェリー 戻りなさい シェリー ・・・シェリー!」

Leon:「エイダ 待て!」
「聞こえる クレア? 今 駐車場の奥へ入れるようになってる」




  • The "Here's another!/もう一つよ" line is only uttered if the player picks up the grenade rounds with Sherry.
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