"An electronic ID wristband key for use in Umbrella facilities. Administrator access allows use of the central elevator."
— Inventory examination
"アンブレラに関係する施設で使用されている 腕輪型の電子キー。 管理者権限により、中央エレベーターの 使用が可能になる。"
— Inventory examination - Japanese

ID Wristband (Admin) is a key item in Resident Evil 2.


The ID Wristband (Admin) grants the player access to the central elevator to evacuate to the bottom-level train platform. It only appears in Claire's scenarios; in Leon's scenarios, Ada Wong instead hacks the central elevator's control panel to activate it without the wristband.


The item is created by combining the ID Wristband (Senior Staff) with the Upgrade Chip (Admin).

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