"An electronic key for use in Umbrella facilities. Its security clearance level can be changed by swapping different chips in."
— Inventory examination
"チップが装着された腕輪型の電子キー。 チップにはゲスト用のアカウントが 登録されている。"
— Inventory examination - Japanese

The ID Wristband (Visitor) is a key item in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The ID Wristband (Visitor) allows the player to enter the NEST and go to its Cafeteria. However, it cannot go any further and must be modified with the Upgrade Chip (General Staff) to create the ID Wristband (General Staff).


It is first found in the Incinerator while playing as Ada.

Both characters get this item upon arriving at the Laboratory:

  • Leon: Given to the player immediately when leaving the cable car.
  • Claire: Given to the player after Sherry is placed into the bed.



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