"Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral."
— Award description

I Prefer Them Alive is an award available in Resident Evil 6.


To earn this, the player is required to kill the Lepotica at the Tall Oaks Cathedral before it infects the last two survivors (two women). If saved, they will be near the front of the altar, with one of them sitting on a pew that also contains one Green Herb and one Red Herb.

On the Xbox 360, this award is equal to 15G.


As of 19 April 2017 17.03% of Xbox 360 players unlocked this achievement.



  • Even if the player manages to save more survivors, only the two of them will appear at the end of the fight with the Lepotica.
  • They are always the last survivors left alive, as they are able to outrun the Lepotica as it wanders around the church. They will only be vulnerable to its attack once they reach the altar.
  • One of the women is apparently named Megan, as the other either laments to her about how everyone else is dead or tries to find her if she was not rescued in time. If saved, Megan will then comment that at least they have each other.


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