I found the girl is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario.


Sherry Birkin: "Aah!"

Claire Redfield: "Wait!"

Sherry: "Let me go!"

Claire: "Easy! Easy there! I'm not a zombie! You're safe now."
"Leon, come in! I found the girl, and I've cleared the wreckage that was blocking the corridor. "

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Got it!"

Claire: "My name's Claire. What's yours?"

Sherry: "Sherry."

Claire: "Do you know where your parents are?"

Sherry: "They both work at the Umbrella Chemical Plant, near the city limits."

Claire: "The chemical plant? Then, what are you doing here?"

Sherry: "My mum called, and told me to go to the Police Station because it was... too dangerous to stay at home."

Claire: "From the look of things, I'd say she was probably right, but it's dangerous here as well. You'd better come with me."

Sherry: "But there's something out there. I don't know what it is, but I saw it. Much larger than any of those zombies, and it's coming after me!"


Claire: "What was that?"

Sherry: "That's what I was telling you about! It's here!"

Claire: "Sherry, wait!"

Sherry Birkin: *ad-lib*

Claire Redfield:「待って!」

Sherry Birkin:「はなして!」

Claire:「落ち着いて 私はゾンビじゃないわ もう大丈夫よ」
レオン 女の子を見つけたわ 崩れてた通路も通れるわよ」
「私はクレア あんたは?」

Leon Scott Kennedy: *ad-lib*

Claire:「私はクレア あんたは?」




Claire:「工場・・・? なぜ一人でこんな所に?」

Sherry:「ママから 警察へ行けって電話があったの お家は危ないって」

Claire:「家にいるよりは安全だったかもね でも ここも危なくなってきたわ 私と行きましょう」

Sherry:「でも 外には行きたくない 何か分からないけど― 私 見たの ゾンビより大きい化け物が私を探してるの!」



Sherry:「あいつよ ここに来るわ!」



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