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'Ian Sider is the main character in the augmented reality game Inserted Evil, giving missions to players who assist him in gathering information about Umbrella's wrongdoings. Umbrella finally figured out where he was and took over his Twitter.

Life before Umbrella[]

Not much is known about what he did before Umbrella, though he may have been employed by them at some point. He mentions that he lost something or someone important to him to Umbrella.

Fighting Umbrella[]

On September 1, 2011, Sider hacked one of Umbrella sites and made it lead you to Inserted Evil where the first Clue was waiting, it revealed info on Umbrella and William Birkin, he did this for many weeks revealing more and more about Umbrella until October 19, 2011, where he suddenly stopped. He said on his Twitter Umbrella had found him and he was going on the road, his Facebook status' got deleted and on the January 10th 2012 his Flickr went down and then on January 18, 2012, Umbrella took control of his Twitter.

Current status[]

It was confirmed by Umbrella via a video on 24 January 2012 that Ian was killed, they then ended the game.


Ian Sider's Face

Further Notes[]

  • His name is a play on the word "insider." The name of the game he creates, Inserted Evil, is an anagram for Resident Evil.