"Take out as many agents as you can when playing as Ustanak in the [PREDATOR] DLC mode. Show 'em what a real fight looks like!"
— RE.NET description

Imprisoned 7 (捕縛者として7 Hobaku-sha to shite 7?) was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 12–16 February 2015.


Participation conditions
  • Users who have scored at least 1 point in Predator.
  • Battle for the highest cumulative score in Predator mode sent during the event.
  • No character limits
  • No stage limits
  • In the event of a tie, players are awarded the same rank.

Participation prize

The following RE Points are awarded according to rank!

  • 1st: 30,000RE Points
  • 2nd: 25,000RE Points
  • 3rd: 20,000RE Points
  • 4th-100th: 10,000RE Points
  • 101st and below: 5,000RE Points


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