Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Inéz Diaco was a member of TerraSave. She took part in their investigation of Sonido de Tortuga Island alongside Claire Redfield.


Diaco and Claire Redfield travelled to a South American archipelago to investigate suspected B.O.W. activity in the area after a mutant fish was caught by local fishermen. While Redfield investigated Zanahoria, Diaco investigated the neighbouring Sonido de Tortuga Island.

During her initial investigation, Diaco was re-acquainted with a friend, Marilou Mabou, and met the cast and crew of a Japanese-American reality show, Idol Survival. While travelling with Mabou to a deserted 1930s US Army outpost, which the island natives turned into a shrine, the two discovered a Bio Organic Weapon developed out of an abducted islander. The two were eventually able to escape from the creature after it killed Mike D. Seaman, a Sheng-Ya agent who became Idol Survival's producer to bring victims to the island. Diaco and Mabou were rescued by a BSAA force led by Captain Parker Luciani and Redfield. While the BSAA fought the island's B.O.W.s, Diaco; Mabou; Redfield and the surviving Idol Survival cast and crew fled to a secret Umbrella laboratory formerly run by Dr. Alex Wesker. Their arrival triggered the release of a Hunter kept there as a boobytrap, and Diaco was impaled by the creature as she held it back from killing the civilians. She later dies in Claire's arms, her final request to the other survivors to make it out alive before succumbing to her wounds.

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