Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Inéz Diaco was a member of TerraSave. She took part in their investigation of Sonido de Tortuga Island alongside Claire Redfield.


Diaco and Claire Redfield travelled to a South American archipelago to investigate suspected B.O.W. activity in the area after a mutant fish was caught by local fishermen. While Redfield investigated Zanahoria, Diaco investigated the neighbouring Sonido de Tortuga Island.

During her initial investigation, Diaco was re-acquainted with a friend, Marilou Mabou, and met the cast and crew of a Japanese-American reality show, Idol Survival. While travelling with Mabou to a deserted 1930s US Army outpost, which the island natives turned into a shrine, the two discovered a Bio Organic Weapon developed out of an abducted islander. The two were eventually able to escape from the creature after it killed Mike D. Seaman, a Sheng-Ya agent who became Idol Survival's producer to bring victims to the island. Diaco and Mabou were rescued by a BSAA force led by Captain Parker Luciani and Redfield. While the BSAA fought the island's B.O.W.s, Diaco; Mabou; Redfield and the surviving Idol Survival cast and crew fled to a secret Umbrella laboratory formerly run by Dr. Alex Wesker. Their arrival triggered the release of a Hunter kept there as a boobytrap, and Diaco was impaled by the creature as she held it back from killing the civilians.

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