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The In-Game T-Shirt Contest was an online contest hosted by Resident in promotion of the Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster and the Resident Evil Origins Collection. Fans were able to submit T-shirt designs for Rebecca Chambers and vote for which designs would be featured as DLC costumes in the final release.


Following in the footsteps of the Raccoon City Contagion promotion for the Resident Evil HD Remaster, this campaign introduced new content to the game based on the support of fans. Designs were submitted to the site and chosen to participate in each round.

Once a design was chosen to compete, it would be pitted against one to three other designs in a tournament battle. The public was able see each of the designs in detail and vote on each by using a Facebook account, Capcom or RE.NET account, or by e-mail. Attendees at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 were also able to submit votes for the third stage after playing a demo of the game, which were added to the tally of online votes sometime after.[1] The design with the most votes per round would advance to the next stage where more designs were added to the challenge. The three winning designs at the end of each stage will be awarded as DLC in the game. Those who participated in voting or submitted a design will receive a free DLC code via e-mail after the release of the port and will have access to the costumes before the general public.

In addition, designs that were not featured in the contest were showcased as "trending designs" in a scrolling bar on the page. Very few of these designs were later entered into the contest. After all winning submissions were chosen, these designs were honored in a gallery on the site.[2]


The official website for the contest offered an archived folder containing a blank template for the front and back designs of the shirt and a PDF file with a submission guide. The designs were to be 600 by 800 pixels for each side in PNG, JPG, or BMP format and under 1.5MB in size. Transparent layers could be used in the designs if preferred. In addition to the archived folder, the submission page also featured an area called the "Resource Room", which gave access to various official artwork such as logos, character and monster renders and sketches, and promotional images to be used specifically during the contest. Designs were submitted by using a Facebook or Capcom account.

After submitting the front and back designs, they would be previewed on the basic T-shirt template and the color of the shirt and title could be chosen. There were a total of 18 different shirt colors that could be chosen. A preview of the design on Rebecca was unavailable unless the design was selected for voting.

Submissions were closed once the final round of stage 3 began.


Stage 1

Winning design

The winning design of stage 1 was "ZOMBIE-KUN" by SHINKIRO(CAPCOM) from Japan. IGTC Stage 01.png

Runner-up designs

IGTSC Stage 1 runner ups.png

Stage 2

Winning design

The winning design of stage 2 was "Super Nurse" by Andarrío from Spain. IGTC Stage 02.png

Runner up designs

IGTSC Stage 2 runner ups.png

Stage 3

Winning design

The winning design of stage 3 was "Jill Sandwich" by Chloebs from the Philippines. IGTC Stage 03.png

Runner up designs

IGTSC Stage 3 runner ups.png

Developer Diaries

Each stage of the contest unlocked a new "Developer Diary", which detailed the development process of the HD Remaster. In addition, content from the Nintendo 64 prototype of Resident Evil 0 was revealed. The videos were available on the site and reminders were sent via e-mail to contest participants.

Downloadable Content

On January 20, 2016, following the releases of both the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster and the Resident Evil Origins Collection, the DLC Codes for the "Fan Design T-Shirt Pack" were e-mailed to participants of the contest. The pack included the three winning designs as well as an additional "Training Facility" design. The codes were compatible with all versions of the game and once activated would not expire until January 5, 2021.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Further notes

Shinkiro's "Shadow of Fear" T-shirt design.

  • Some of the shirt designs are based on Rebecca's other appearances in Resident Evil and the remake, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, The Mercenaries Reunion (from Resident Evil 5), and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Rebecca's alternate costumes in the HD Remaster are also based on these appearances.
  • Two of the shirt designs for the Stage 3 entries, "Burton's Bakery: Home of the Jill Sandwich, Est. 1996" and "Jill Sandwich: Premium Quality", are references to the infamous line from Barry Burton in the 1996 game.
    • In addition, one of the shirt designs for the Stage 2 entry, "Maiden in Heaven", is a reference to the decal, Made in Heaven, used for both Chris and Claire Redfield's outfits, which was itself a reference to the Queen album. Likewise, the T-shirt had Rebecca Chambers entering a similar pose to the female angel on the decal.
  • Despite the range of colors available for submission, all three winning designs had only used two different colors.
  • Another DLC T-shirt for the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, "Shadow of Fear", was designed by Capcom employee Shinkiro, who won the first stage of the contest with his "Zombie-kun" design.


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