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In front of Elephant Restaurant is an area in Raccoon City explored in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.[1]


The starting area of the Wild things scenario in Outbreak: file 2. The gate to the zoo is locked, and players must find a way inside. If Cindy is neither the player or a partner, she will appear outside the entrance. From this area, you can enter the Elephant restaurant itself, or the back ally. On all difficulties, the door to the ally is locked. On all difficulties, you can find a map of the area and a note on the billboard outside the restaurant. Two or three zombies will be present in this area, more will re-spawn from inside the restaurant.

The items in this area will vary depending on difficulty. On normal, you can find a green herb, a loaded handgun, pesticide spray, and a metal pipe.


The "Zoo Coaster" and "School Spirit" SP items can be found here.


Location Localization Original script
The truck to the north. An out of commission truck is blocking the road.
One of the houses. Can't get past this signboard.
The benches The bench looks comfortable. No time to rest now, though.
The map of Raccoon Zoo. A sketched map. You've already memorized it.
The cars to the south. Wrecked cars blocks the path. There's no way past this.
The walls to the west The area is fenced in.
The restaurant windows The blinds are shut. I can't see into the store.

Further notes[]

There is an unused variant for the front and the interior of the Elephant Restaurant where the entrance is destroyed.[2][3]