In the Cable Car (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong travel on the cable car to Umbrella's NEST facility. As she is injured, Wong persuades Kennedy to search for the G-Virus sample on his own.


Leon Scott Kennedy: "You know what I was thinking?"
"I can't wait for the FBI to raid Umbrella headquarters and take those bastards to justice."

Ada Wong: "I agree...but to be clear, you're not working in official capacity."
"This is a federal case."
"Once we get the G-Virus, I'm back on my own."
"Hey, Leon... Trust me?"

Leon: "You trust me?"

Ada: "Honestly... If I didn't you'd probably be dead."

Leon: "Right..."

Ada: "Look, I thought I might need your help...and I was right."
"If you can secure the G-Virus, I can make sure what happened in Raccoon City never happens again."

Leon: "Ada..."
"You said it yourself—it's a federal case."
"I don't have the authority—"

Ada: "Leon, look at me."
"I'm a liability now."
"If I'm gonna finish this case, you're the last hope I've got."

Leon: "I'm not just gonna leave you here."
"What if you're attacked, what if you need help—"

Ada: "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."
"I gotta see this through..."
"...and I want to see you again."
"I got plenty to live for. Trust me."

Announcer: "Now arriving at NEST."

Ada: "Go."
"We don't have much time."
"You're gonna need this."

Leon: "OK."

Ada: "Leon..."
"I'm counting on you."

Leon: "I know."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "俺は許せない"

Ada Wong: "ええそうね でもあなたは正式に任命されてない"
"ねえ 私を信じる?"

Leon: "そっちは?"

Ada: "もちろん でなきゃあなたは死んでる"

Leon: "そうか"

Ada: "あなたの助けがいるの 今こそね"
"G-ウィルスをお願い こんな悲劇は二度と繰り返したくないの"

Leon: "エイダ"

Ada: "レオン 私を見て"
"あなたが最後の希望なの お願い"

Leon: "君を置いてけない"

Ada: "平気よ 私なら大丈夫"
"それから あなたのこともね…"

Announcer: "まもなくNESTに到着します"

Ada: "行って"

Leon: "分かった"

Ada: "レオン"

Leon: "ああ"


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