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Incapacitated is a player state in Resident Evil: Revelations.


While incapacitated, the player character will appear sitting on the ground. In this state players cannot move, will have their weapon switched to a handgun if they have which will be the only usable type of fire arm, and have a slower knife attack. Players can still use grenades and heal. In order to recover, the action button must be mashed.

This state occurs once as a scripted event during the Main game. Incapacitation is caused by the following enemy attacks:

Enemy Attack Description
Pincer Ooze Incapacitate The Pincer Ooze performs a quick, light damaging slash to the player's leg.
Draghignazzo Ground slam
Scarmiglione Leg Trip The creature performs a broad lower slash to the leg
Ultimate Abyss Ground slam
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