"I guess aromatherapy like this is supposed to help you relax. I could give it a shot... "
Alyssa Ashcroft, upon examining this item.

The Incense (お灸 O kyū?, Moxibustion) is a special item in Resident Evil Outbreak.


The Incense is found in the B5F Area B Passage, in front of the locked double doors leading to the P-4 Laboratory. It is found in the Below Freezing Point scenario in paths A and D.


This item is exclusive to Alyssa, and is one of her twenty special items, although one of her thirteen "Personal" special items. Once all twenty items have been obtained, a third picture showing Alyssa's two alternative costumes and an option to listen to a selected piece of her Ad-Libs are unlocked for purchase in the Collection.



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