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Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, was a waste processing facility located in the industrial sector of north-eastern Raccoon City. It was owned and operated by the Umbrella Corporation, which used it as testing ground for a newly developed gases and medicines capable of more-efficiently disposing of experimental bodies and purging them of the t-Virus. To avoid attracting spies, the facility was believed publicly to be empty or abandoned, and a scrap yard was located immediately outside to preserve an innocent industrial image. It was the site of a battle in which a Delta Force unit was destroyed, followed soon after by the destruction of Raccoon City itself.

Purpose Edit

The need for a facility capable of adequately disposing of infected waste materials became a pressing matter in the 1990s with the construction of the adjacent Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. The facility used a variety of gases and medicines to destroy evidence of B.O.W. research.[1] In the event material was present which could not be destroyed in the treatment pool, an incinerator was used as a means of drawing power.[2]

Faced with the possibility of local urbexers, employees were given orders to shoot intruders on sight, and to transport those who did surrender to the Underground Laboratory for human t-Virus experimentation.[3]



The inside of the plant, with the dissolving pool visible in the background

The factory was constructed in 1998, and was already crewed by its staff for at least nineteen days when building was finished on 14 May. The primary provider of waste was the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, located very close-by. Its chief researcher Dr. William Birkin, began plans to leave the company soon after the Arklay Laboratory was contaminated with the t-Virus and his laboratory started producing more waste than the P-12A plant could process. Only a month after waste processing began, the machinery was being used far more frequently than they were designed for and their condition began to degrade. The machinery finally began to fall apart in mid-July, resulting in a dramatic loss of functionality. The t-Virus began to mutate into new strains with the bodies left undisposed; the staff soon found the T-Virus antibodies they were provided with had no effect on the new strain and began transforming into Zombies in late July.[1] The bodies of several researchers were subsequently taken to the processing room to be disposed of if the machinery was repaired. With the facility's computer programmed to shut the factory down in the event of a quarantine, the uninfected staff were sealed in with no hope for escape, allowing Dr. Birkin to quietly abandon them with justification.

The facility was left abandoned until late September 1998 when the US Army's Delta Force arrived at the facility in search of the Underground Laboratory and Dr. Birkin's G-Virus, having been given the wrong coordinates. UBCS commander Colonel Sergei Vladimir ordered a helicopter to drop five T-103 Tyrants to deny them access to sensitive materials. The T-103s and the Delta Force unit mutually destroyed one another, partly with the aid of the US Army's experimental anti-B.O.W. rail cannon, "Demon Sword of Paracelsus".[4]

On October 1, the facility was visited by a number of people seeking a means of escape. UBCS Sergeant Nikolai Zinoviev stole a helicopter from the scrap yard to rendezvous with Umbrella contacts. Jill fought Umbrella Europe's Nemesis-T Type B.O.W. in the facility's possessing room and managed to power the machinery to begin another treatment. This however, only succeeded in destroying the Tyrant shell and force the Nemesis parasite to mutate in the virally-enriched fluid. It was finally destroyed soon after by Jill Valentine with the revolver of a dead Delta Force operative after the Demon Sword incapacitated him. Minutes later, the facility was destroyed along with the rest of the city following the execution of the Sterilization Operation.


Further notesEdit

In the English localizations, this facility is otherwise known as the "P-12A Incinerator Facility" or "P-12A Waste Disposal Facility". It is referred to in Japanese as "disused plant", which is read as "dead factory" in English.



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