Infection is a player status condition for Survivors in Resident Evil: Resistance.


Upon taking damage from enemies (but not firearms or explosive traps) or being near infectious gas, the character's infection gauge will slowly increase. Once it is passes certain thresholds a player will then become that level of infection ranging 1-3. While infected, characters will randomly pause to cough and loose a small amount of health. The higher the infection level the more frequent and higher the damage taken. Blue Herbs and Infection Treatment Spray will remove Infection status.

Skills that affect infection:

  • Valerie's "Remedy" Fever Skill cures Infection.
  • Sam's Personal Skill variant "Recover" will heal infection.
  • Martin's Life Hacks skill variant "Gas Mask" will increase resistance to infection.
  • Annette's Buffs skill increase will increase the infection enhancer effect.
  • Alex's Biohazard skill variant "Amplify" will increase the infection rate.

Equipment that affects Infection:

  • Gas Mask I, II, & III - increases your resistance to infection.
  • NBC Suit - Moderately increases max health and resistance to infection.
  • Viral Canister I, II, & III - Increases Infection Rate.
  • Virulent Claws - Slightly increases the rate of infection caused by creatures, while also slightly increasing their attack power.
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