"When combined with a weapon, an unlimited number of bullets become available."
— Item examination - English
"これを武器と組み合わせれば弾が制限なく使える "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Infinite Bullets (無限弾 mugen-tama?) is a unique item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Combining it with a weapon gives it infinite ammo. It appears as a case full of ammunition.


The item can only be obtained from the second playthrough onwards on Hard Mode. Players will only have the opportunity to get the item during the seventh encounter with Nemesis, which will be in the Clock tower after playing as Carlos and giving the Anti-Virus vaccine to Jill Valentine, whilst having defeated it in every other encounter up to that point. Nemesis will drop the Inf. Bullets when the player defeats him in his second form (it would drop the M4A1 rifle if the player were on their first playthrough).

The Inf. Bullets can be combined with any weapon, but can only be used once. After combining, the case will disappear and the weapon will gain infinite ammunition. Players will have the option to switch between regular H. Gun Bullets and enhanced handgun ammo when using the Hand Gun, and between standard shotgun shells and enhanced shells when using the Shotgun. Also, it is possible to switch between any kind of rounds when using the G. Launcher.

Combining the Mine Thrower with the Inf. Bullets will change the effect of rounds it fires, giving them a heat-seeking function. The infinite ammo indicator will be red and the effect of rounds cannot be changed to the original.

The weapon with infinite ammunition can only be used until the end of the game and won't be available in the next playthrough unless the player obtains it again.

Another way to acquire the Inf Bullets is to buy it for $9999 in The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, but all the weapons will be loaded with infinite ammo and this effect cannot be undone.



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