Infinity Mode is an unlockable game mode in Resident Evil Outbreak and its sequel.


Infinity Mode is self-explanatory; it makes it so firearms never run out of ammunition and melee weapons never break, at the cost of a signifficant decrease in the points received at the end of a scenario. It can also be combined with any other difficulty. However, one-time use throwing melee weapons such as the concrete piece, will allow for repeated use.

In Outbreak, while using Infinity Mode, all typewriters from a scenario will be disabled and loading times between room will take longer than usual; in Outbreak File #2, these two drawbacks are removed to add a better saving system and the inclusion of Nightmare Mode.

Method of Unlocking

To unlock Infinity Mode in Resident Evil Outbreak, the player must complete all scenarios with a 100% Event Checklist. In File #2, it also requires another requirement; the player must complete all scenarios on Very Hard difficulty with the aforementioned 100% Event Checklist. On both Files, after unlocking, it must be purchased for 50,000 points.

In Outbreak, it is possible to unlock it without completing the event checklist by using Outbreak File #2's data convert, which will unlock everything in the first game. However, all items unlocked in Outbreak will still need to be purchased before they may be viewed or used, including Infinity mode.


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