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"InformantCoversation" is an email that can be found in the Inserted Evil ARG campaign. It is a report filed by a former Umbrella employee describing their secret projects, notably the development of the Nemesis-T Type. The blood-stain on page 3 suggests that Umbrella succeeded in suppressing their former employees by killing the reader.


Transcription of conversation with ex Umbrella employee

I won't give you any of my details.I don't trust anybody anymore. They have their hooks into everything
and everybody. They're that powerful. I was on the inside, I saw influence, the power, the control
they have. They're not a company, they're the equivalent of a government. What they say goes.

I used to work in the labs below the mansion... but I saw things, things I'll never forget. I'm a bio-engineer
and was originally employed to work in the renewable bio-energy division. It wasn't long though until
I was moved from there to a special projects division where we were briefed on something that would
change my forever.

We were told that we were developing a meterial that would help to harness the power produced by
bio- electric generators. Apparently these next-gen experimental generators would change the way power
was produced in the poorest regions of the world, but there was a problem with puwer surges which were
blowing the systems too regularly for them to be viable. My team's role was to develop a cover which
would absorb this power safely and limit the output of the generators.

That was the story. And to some extent it was true.

I should have realized that we weren't being told the whole truth. We never even got to see one of these
experimental generators - we were given the data and worked theoretically for weeks, before we were
finally shown a small-scale example of the kind of generator they were talking about.

Even now, months later, I found it hard to describe the horror I felt as I looked at the poor animal hooked
up with wires, diodes, drips and other connections I couldn't even hope to understand. It was obviously
a dog - or had been - like a police dog. But this dog was quite obviously pulsating... the things being
pumped into it were powering it, and sending it wild. Thank god it was secured to the floor, because the
look in its eye made it perfectly clear that this was a killer and it wanted to get at all of us.

As I watched, I swear I could see its skin sparking as its muscles bunched and released. It let out a low
growl and some kind of slime came out of its mouth, a lurid green, acrid slime that stank horribly.

And this was to be the kind of generator people would have in their homes? The lead scientist laughed and
assured us that of course it wasn't. This was a generator that used the same bio-organic principles, but in
a much more manageable form. It was easier to use a rabid dog that was going to be put down, than to
build and experiment on the kind of generator Umbrella was looking to create in the long run. And anyway
the lead scientist finished, that wasn't really my concern.

It felt all wrong to me, but I had a job to do, and although it seemed cruel, the benefits of the perfected
generator would far outweigh the suffering of this animal.

In hindsight, I should have walked out there and then. But no, stupidly I looked blindly past the wrongness
of it and began working on this material that would contain the power this beast was generating. I never even thought to question what would power the real generators. I suppose I just imagined it would be some
bio-engineered fuel that another team was developing.

Again, that was partly true.

And so after several weeks, I'd helped develop a material - a bio-electric polymer which, if we wrapped
the 'generator' in it, severely limited its power leakages. We measured the current that flowed across the
poor animal's skin both before the application of the material and after and found the power had dropped
down to about 20% of its previous levels - well within the targets we had been set.

When wrapped in the material, the flesh (it cold hardly be called a dog any more) would even respond
to simple commands. It was bolted to the floor so it couldn't move, but it would cock its head and listen
if we spoke to it, whereas before we'd been unable to communicate with it - it was too busy trying to tear
us apart with its foul jaws!

So that was it... mission accomplished. Or so I thought. A few months later I hadn't heard any further news
about the development of these generators, or indeed the power limiting material. When I asked about
them, I was told that plans were already in place to get me involved with the next step of a similar project.
Within a week I was flown to Europe to help a team there work on a very special, top secret project. I was
given no more information, only that my background and specialist knowledge would help the team to
even greater success.

I thought the dog experiment was bad. My first day at work in Europe and I witnessed a condemned man
being 'infected' with a parasite, the NE-alpha parasite which had just been discovered. I can't even begin
to tell you how sickened, disgusted and repulsed I was at this. What the hell was I doing there? What had
this to do with anything that could help anyone anywhere?

I soon received my answer - I was witnessing what was at the stage named the Nemesis project, and
I later realized I had been present at the birth of what is known as the T02. Apparently this was to
be a 'super soldier' that Umbrella could use to carry out orders that normal soldiers could not. Umbrella
had suddenly revealed to me exactly what it was all about - it was the complete antithesis of the
company I thought I'd joined.

They were dealing in soldiers, not solutions; death, not life. I could see this immediately, but they still
persisted in their charade, that this super soldier would in fact bring peace wherever it was deployed, and
that its main duties would probably be to help out in disaster zones by helping to find and dig out survivors
of earthquakes and the like. One look at this abomination, which was becoming more powerful by
the day, more hulking, more extreme and I KNEW Nemesis wasn't a glorified rescue dog... it was an...
unholy beast.

I vividly remember seeing the abomination, which no longer resembled a human, climb to its feet one
morning. The floor of the cell literally cracked as this lumbering creature planted its unthinkable weight
onto its huge jackboots - boots that were at least twice the size of my own shoes.

As it stood, I could see its eyes - stark and white, with no pupil - and I could swear for a moment it was
looking at me, trying to understand what was happening. There was obviously still something of the
condemned man left inside that now grossly swollen head. Veins pulsed and throbbed beneath skin that
now had a grayish, sickly tinge as Nemesis' lips pulled back from his teeth in a snarl.

Its arms bunched and relaxed, and even through its thick leather coat I could see enormous muscles tensing
not just on its arms, but also across its barrel chest. The creature looked down at itself and let out the most
horrendous, blood-chilling roar I have ever heard.

I knew then that we'd created a monster.

My work was very limited on the project at first, partly by choice and partly because it appeared my specialty
wasn't needed. They'd shipped me over to create a power limiter for the Nemesis - but as tests continued,
we soon realized that with the NE-alpha Parasite controlling the host, it still retained some semblance of
intelligence which we thought would ensure it wouldn't run amok and could focus on its mission.

As the creature grew, the team began to suspect that it had the intelligence to use tools. Now here would have
been a chance to show that T02 was to be used for good. But no, instead of seeing how he would handle
construction or rescue tools, the team set about seeing which weapons Nemesis could wield.

The tests did not go quite as planned I'm happy to say (although I hate myself for admitting that I took
pleasure in the deaths of some of the team), with the rocket launcher training proving particularly problematic
- maybe not a surprise considering the background of the original host!

It was here that I had to contribute most to the project - and in fact this was a role I relished as I had to
modify my power limiter material to work as an intelligence inhibitor, to make the T02 easier to control
and manage. I saw this as my opportunity to severely weaken the beast - to try and make it as ineffectual
as possible. Perhaps to even kill the project by reducing Nemesis to a blubbering wreck.

But I underestimated the strength, resilience, stamina and will of the creature. I set out to fry the intelligence
out of its skull. It's fair to say I hardly even dented it - in fact, I think my work actually made the Nemesis
more effective. I believe I handed Umbrella the controllable creature they always wanted.

You may wonder why I was still on the project at all. Why I hadn't left Umbrella long ago. As you know my
friend, Umbrella makes it very hard for you to leave once you've discovered certain things... they take steps
to ensure you stay loyal. Or out of the picture permanently.

The more time I spent in Europe on this project, the more I learned about Umbrella and the more I realized
what an idiot I'd been. The dog 'generator', the limiter material, Nemesis, B.O.W.s and a whole host of things
I'd rather forget. I learned that the Nemesis was based on an American project (which I'd also unwittingly
contributed to) focused on developing Tyrants. I found out that ALL of my work had been used to develop
weapons. I realized that I had to get out.

So I disappeared - of my own volition rather than them making me disappear.

I'm telling you this so you can warn people. They're not going to sit on T02 for long. They're itching to use
it in a combat situation, I can only hope that that situation never presents itself.