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For the 2023 remake's version of the weapon part, see Biosensor Scope.
"Mounts on to any .223 caliber rifle. Enables you to see the hidden parasites in the enemy's body."

The Infrared Scope is an item found in Resident Evil 4.[1] As the name suggests, it is a specialized scope for .223 caliber rifles that views the surroundings in the infrared range, making objects more or less visible based on the heat they emit.


The Infrared Scope is found in the Island facility's Freezer room and can be equipped to either the rifle or the semi-auto rifle.


This is a vital item to defeat the Regenerador and Iron Maiden enemies, as it allows Leon to target the leech-like Plagas providing their regenerative ability before blasting off the main body. Regardless of what rifle is used, the parasites will die with one direct hit from either weapon.

After completing the game (or at least after you have passed the Prison level where the last Regenerador is found) it is advisable to sell the scope to the Merchant since it fetches a hefty 10,000 pesetas. The scope is obtainable every time the game is played in the same location. It can only be obtained after shutting down the freezer controls near the card re-writer, which is also in the same room.

The infrared scope can magnify aiming like the scopes sold by the Merchant. It also activates a thermal vision mode, allowing the player to see other organisms and the environment in the thermal spectrum (though this is purely for aesthetics and does not allow the player to see through walls).


Using the Infrared Scope to view the parasite.

Although it was solely intended for spotting the parasites on Regeneradores and Iron Maidens, the Infrared Scope can detect almost every living organism in the game. Many players choose to keep the scope mainly for novelty purposes, such as returning to the lake and "fishing" at night using the scope and a rifle to kill fish for money.

Further notes[]

  • In the PC version, if the scope is mounted on the semi-automatic rifle, the scope only appears attached in the menu. In the actual game, the graphic of the scope is not displayed and the rifle is seen using the default scope. This bug, however, has been fixed in the Ultimate HD version of the game.
  • If a player already has the Scope in his/her inventory and enters the Freezer Storage in the Island, the door will automatically lock and the Regenerador will revive and attack the player.
  • The Infrared Scope can locate the Novistadores, but it will only let the player see their eyes in a dull green tone.



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