Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Ingrid was a maid who worked at Castle Dimitrescu.


Ingrid awakens as a prisoner within Castle Dimitrescu's dungeon where she finds a note from a previous prisoner that gives her clues on how to escape before the denizens of the castle come looking for her. Through exploration of the castle, Ingrid learns of Alcina Dimitrescu and her three daughters, the current owners of the castle. Discoverable notes detail how previous maids had come to the castle to work and then disappeared. Ultimately, she escapes the dungeon and enters the Castle proper.

Within the Castle, Ingrid discovers notes which detail how Dimitrescu produces a high quality wine known as Sanguis Virginis (Latin for "Maiden's Blood"). From the torturous devices in the castle dungeon and the blood evidence in the main hall, it's heavily implied that literal maiden's blood is used in its creation. She finds the courtyard key but is attacked by one of Dimitrescu's "daughters". Although bitten, she manages to evade the pursuer and is able to reach the courtyard door and unlock it with the key. Dimitrescu herself appears to block her path and comments how it is nice to finally meet Ingrid before she grabs and impales her victim using large claws sprouting from her hands.

After her death, Ingrid was transformed into a Moroaicǎ by Dimitrescu, and eventually killed by Ethan Winters or by the N2 Explosive planted into the Fungal Root by Chris Redfield. Either during or post her transformation, it was noted she was "Unstable. Overly alert at times" as opposed to three other Moroaicǎ who all had "robust appetites." Ingrid was still roaming the dungeon beneath the castle in February 2021 when it was infiltrated by Ethan Winters.


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