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"May I remind you that you're still on duty."

Ingrid Hunnigan (イングリッド・ハニガン Inguriddo Hanigan?) is a U.S. federal agent for the Field Operations Support (FOS) and often works with Leon S. Kennedy.[3]


Kennedy Report[]

Hunnigan worked with Leon for the first time during his mission to rescue President Graham's daughter, Ashley Graham. She occasionally contacted Leon to ask how he was coming along or to give him information. When he entered Ramón Salazar's castle, he unfortunately lost contact with her for several hours because Los Iluminados hijacked their communication line.[5] He could not regain the line until after the Island, which housed the hijacking equipment, blew up.[6] Leon attempted to flirt with Hunnigan, telling her she was cute without her glasses and asking for her number when he returned. She remained professional, reminding him that he was still on duty, but with a subtle smile.[7]

After the U.S Secret Service receives credible intel about President Graham's daughter, Ashley Graham being within in an mountainous rural village Valdelobos, Hunnigan is assigned as Leon's support operative in the rescue operation with the former is referred as "Roost" and the latter "Condor One" with Graham referred to as "Baby Eagle".

After Leon discovers evidence of Ashley being held in the village, he informs her of the discovery as well as the encounter of manic crazed villagers as well his two escorts attacked by the former. During his travels, Leon encounters an individual named Luis Serra Navarro and learns of Ashley's location and contacts Hunnigan to inform of the new discovery as well as asking her to run an background check on him due to his suspicious aura. Sometime later, Hunnigan compiles and sends Leon of information about his past association to Umbrella as well as his evaded capture.

Recovering Ashley, Leon contacts Hunnigan about his successful rescue to which she sends an chopper to their location for extraction. Reaching the location, Hunnigan informs Leon the chopper will not be reaching them due to stormy and heavy rainfall which she expresses regrets and desire in not able to assist in getting them out.

After Leon and Ashley make it inside Salazar Castle, Ashley is forcefully taken control due to the implanted plaga worsening progression. Leon informs Hunnigan of the recent events only to lost contact with her for several hours until after Leon and Ashley successfully escape from the cult's grasp to which she finally establishes contact back. Relief to hear that both of them had made it out, Hunnigan updates the report and walks away from her station.

Harvardville Airport Incident[]

Hunnigan assisted Leon again one year later during the Harvardville Outbreak, where she had the President send in elements of the United States Marine Corps, who were vaccinated against the t-Virus upon confirmation that it was responsible for the outbreak.

Eastern Slav Republic Incident[]

Hunnigan worked with Leon once again when he is sent to the Eastern Slav Republic in order to investigate the use of B.O.W.s in a war. She tried to convince him to leave the city as per government orders, but he refused and hung up on her. Contact was not made again until after the incident was already over while Leon was at a hotel, continuing his vacation. She informed him that the president of the country, Svetlana Belikova, had resigned and that the chairmen were being taken out of the country.

Tall Oaks and Lanshiang incident[]

Hunnigan helped Leon and agent Helena Harper by giving them information on the outbreak and guiding them through Tall Oaks as the two try to find their way out of the town. She also provided them with warning about Derek C. Simmons beginning to become involved with the investigation in the attack. Even after Simmons pronounced Leon and Helena as suspects in the attack and death of President Adam Benford, Hunnigan continued to help the two of them in secret. Finding Simmons to be rather suspect, as per Leon and Helena's suggestion, Hunnigan placed a tail on him after he departed the operations area and informed the two agents of his location. She would later report both Leon and Helena died with the destruction of Tall Oaks to make it easier for them to track Simmons unnoticed. Later in China, Hunnigan helped Leon get in contact with Chris Redfield to notify someone to rescue the captive Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin. After the events in Tatchi and Leon and Helena escaped with evidence against Simmons, Hunnigan informed Helena in person that the investigation concluded that it would be unfair for her to be punished for Simmons' extortion of her.

Alcatraz Island Incident[]

"Someone accessed the DOD's server. They were looking for top-secret files on previous bioterrorism cases going back on Raccoon City."
— Hunnigan to Rebecca

Two years after Tall Oaks and Lanshiang incident, Hunnigan is tasked with supporting Leon on a mission to bring an robotics engineer employed by DARPA named Dr. Antonio Taylor whose wanted by the government for leaking military secrets to other enemy groups. Recently, he is kidnapped by terrorists with Leon tasked to rescue and bring him into custody.

After Kennedy investigates into Alcatraz Island with the possible whereabouts of Dr. Taylor, Hunnigan fails to reach contact with him after two hours had passed since their last transmission. When BSAA advisor Rebecca Chambers discovers that Leon had been working on a case related to Alcatraz, Chambers contacts Hunnigan who informs her that the Department of Defense server was hacked with its confidential information about bioterrorism incidents since Raccoon City as well as files on Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon stolen. Having received no contact for 2 hours as well as information related to the ongoing operation, Rebecca sets out to help the distress party which contributes to their success of uncovering the culprits behind San Francisco Serial Murders and Alcatraz Island Outbreak and thwarts their plans of unleashing another outbreak on the world.[8]



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