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"Strange bug."
— Natalia upon destroying an insect larva.


Insect Larva is a collectible item in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 unique to Barry and Natalia's sections. Natalia is able to see a red aura where the bug is located and can use a brick to destroy it. Finding all of the insect larvae in an episode will earn the player a "Buggin' Out" record and a secret file. Finding all in the campaign will reward the player the "Bug Professor" record and a Raid Mode gesture.


There are six insect larvae in each episode.

Episode 1: Penal Colony

  1. On the wall outside of the room with the spike bed that previously had the cog in it.
  2. Inside the second cell down from the control room.
  3. In the last cell on the right side of the top floor, go through the small path. It is on the wall across from the place you jump down.
  4. On a tree just past the door Natalia unlockes with a brick.
  5. In a small building found outside of the forest.
  6. On the fence at the base of the crane.

Episode 2: Contemplation

  1. At the start, go back through the radio tower and around the left side of the building. It is on the ground next to the fence.
  2. At the fishing village, inside the house where Claire and Moira found fuel for the helicopter.
  3. After leaving the village, turn into a small area on the right. It is on the brick wall.
  4. On the top floor of the apartment building where Barry needs to drill the blocked doorway. It is on the wall to the left of the entrance.
  5. In the playground area, under the slide.
  6. Inside the tower, behind the pillar up the stairs to the right.

Episode 3: Judgment

  1. Underneath a set of broken stairs.
  2. Down the path with two pipes on the right, in the first one.
  3. Behind the bars across from the first sluice.
  4. On the pile of rubble next to the sewer's exit.
  5. Over the fence on the left side of the building with the generator.
  6. Outside of the quarry, on a slab to the right.

Episode 4: Metamorphosis

  1. Behind the bars in the sever.
  2. Behind some boxes on a ladder on the other side of the sever.
  3. On the pillar under the stairs, behind the elevator.
  4. On the wagon, after moving it.
  5. In the mansion, on the monster glass conteiner at the end of the room, on the left.
  6. In the area with hanging dolls, above the upgrade table, on a hanging machine.

Further notes

  • The insect larva model shown when destroyed is identical to that of the Glasp spawn.

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