The Insect hive refers to a series of blob-like, motionless hives that generate various different insects within Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



The Insect hives are hives that are often lined with an unknown material layered upon them. They are grayish or beige in color when they're first spotted, and appear to be moving. As well, there are some slight holes within the layers of their material.

These hives vary in size, as well, and even host a number of different man-eating insects within them. As they are widdled down, however, they obtain a more colorful appearance as their phases go by.


During the main game, the Insect hives act as a slight obstacle and first appear in the Old House, and are non-hostile by themselves. They vary in size and shape, and can spawn in man-eating insects if the player disturbs them. It is mandatory to destroy only one hive to progress the game further, and it's the one in Old House 1F/Living Room blocking the way to Cellar where the Stone Statuette is.

The hives are very vulnerable to fire, as they are easily dealt with using the Burner or the Grenade Launcher. They can also be destroyed relatively quickly with the shotguns, but it is possible that some of the man-eating insects will block damage dealt to the hives.

Other insect hives appear during the boss fight against Marguerite Baker, as she is able to spawn smaller variants of them, which allows her to create more of the larger man-eating insects. These have relatively low health and can be dealt with in a variety of ways, though any weapon with fire is the most effective.

Ethan Must Die

In the mini-game Ethan Must Die, the player encounters one of the Insect hives down near the basement, though it is weak and doesn't spawn any bugs. After approaching it, a Molded will spawn in the hall. Often or not, this determines if a player should continue going or not early on, as the player would mostly benefit from obtaining the Survival Knife or the Burner to destroy it. Otherwise, it'd be better off just to retry, since the player would lose valuable resources or potentially die from the Molded behind them.



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